Do you support DEI?

In 2021 the US Department of Justice started investigating Hartland Consolidated Schools and found that district administrators had failed to properly track incidents of discrimination.  Superintendent Hughes entered into an agreement with the DOJ and made several promises on behalf of the district including the creation of a DEI Committee.  However, the administration never truly took responsibility for their failures and that has lead to the DOJ continuing to be present in the District.  I believe that Superintendent Hughes needs to stop using the DOJ as a threat against students and parents and instead needs to take responsibility for the failures that have lead to where we are today. 

There was never a board resolution to approve the agreement with the Department of Justice which is a HUGE failure of that Board of Education.  I do not think that the Board should take a passive role in such matters and if elected would REQUIRE Board approval for any agreements with the Department of Justice. 

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