Hartland School District Issues

There are so many issues facing HCS in 2024; here are some of my priorities. Please feel free to contact me if you want to know where I stand on an issue. 

I believe transparency is an integral part of our public school system.  We, as parents, trust our children in the public school system for over 1,000 hours per year!  It is vital to know what's going on, not just in the school but in the administrative offices as well.  

Some people know me as the "FOIA Guy" because I have submitted dozens of FOIA requests to both the Hartland Consolidated School District and to the Livingston County Sheriff's Office to shed some light on the real story.  I have uncovered allegations of Sexual Assault by a teacher, malfeasance by the Board President and Superintendent related to the Superintendent's Evaluation, and the perpetual gaslighting of parents when it comes to safety in our schools.

When elected, I will do everything within my power to keep parents and the community informed about what happens in Hartland Schools. It's time to restore POWER TO THE PARENTS!

Ultimately, the School Board's role comes down to Accountability!  The board should both hold the administration accountable for the district while remaining accountable themselves to the students, parents, and the community. 

Unfortunately, the current board majority has refused to take its role serious in maintaining accountability which has led to some serious problems in the district.  Beyond that, the District has repeatedly violated the Michigan Revised School Code and its own policies.  

When elected, I will help bring back accountability to the Hartland School Board and hold administrators accountable while remaining accountable myself to the community. 

School and student safety is absolutely one of my top priorities. Students need a safe and welcoming environment to learn and grow. I commend and support the actions of the 2023 School Board to increase the presence of Sheriff Deputies in the schools and add School Resource Officers (SROs). However, I think there is room for improvement when it comes to the district's reporting of safety issues to parents in an open and transparent manner.  The Michigan Revised School Code requires that all Michigan Districts provide building safety reports to parents annually and on-demand whenever a parents requests it.  Unfortunately, Hartland's safety reports fall short of the requirements of the Michigan Revised School Code and even the district's own policies.   When elected, I will ensure that Hartland transparently reports all safety data to parents to protect the continued safety of our students, teachers, and staff.


One of the most important reasons I am running for School Board is to restore the Community Values that make Hartland the greatest place to live in Michigan.