Does Hartland value transparency?

In my opinion, I think the opposite is true.  Hartland Administrators value secrecy over transparency.  I have learned this the hard way in my repeated attempts to uncover information within the district.  I have become known lately as the "FOIA guy" for all of my Freedom of Information Act requests that I have submitted to the district and the county regarding our schools.  The district administrators have actively interfered with my FOIA requests, delayed them, ignored them, and grossly redacted them in an effort to hide what happens behind the closed, locked doors of the schools and of the central office. Here are a few of my experiences with FOIA requests:

  1. The district attempted to charge me nearly $1,000 to obtain a handful of confirmation emails from the Michigan State Police Office of School Safety in order to hide the fact that they had not been properly submitting reports to the MSP.
  2. The district tired to charge me about $400 more than I was quoted to obtain emails relating to a teacher/student sexual assault investigation.  They attempted to charge me for hundreds of copies of a single email to inflate the records and obstruct the fact that they had withheld evidence from the Livingston County Sheriff's Office related to the allegations.
  3. The district improperly hid behind attorney-client privilege in order to cover-up the actions of Assistant Superintendent VanEpps and his impropriety during the same sexual assault investigation (he notified the teacher of the allegations 3 days before contacting police, in violation of state law, district policy, and the HEA Contract)

These are just a few examples and they are completely unacceptable in a public institution. When elected, I will do everything within my power to increase transparency at all levels within the school district and specifically in the central office. 

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