Are Hartland Schools Safe?

I commend the 2023 Board of Education for bringing in School Safety Officers and Dedicated Sheriff Deputies to patrol the schools.  That is a great first move in increasing the safety and security of our District.  However, there are currently significant issues with how the district reports safety statistics to parents and the community on an annual basis.  Michigan Law and District Policy require that school districts report potential criminal activity to the Michigan State Police and to District Parents through an annual report.  Hartland has continually failed to file these reports and accurately report to parents.  In fact, the District contends that the penalties for violating the law are so small that they do not intend on complying.  

Furthermore, many of the incidents that occur in the schools are even hid from School Board members. I think Hartland can do better than that and when I am elected I will require district administrators to comply with laws and policies to give an accurate picture to Parents of how safe our schools are. 

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