Did Hartland Administrators cover up the sexual assault of a student by a teacher?

You may have heard me speak about this frequently at Board Meetings this year.    There were allegations that a Hartland Teacher had a sexual relationship with an underage High School student, a felony in the State of Michigan.  I criticized Hartland Administrators for their failure to properly report the incident to Livingston County Sheriff in a timely manner and for withholding evidence!  In fact, Assistant Superintendent Scott VanEpps disregarded directions from Superintendent Hughes to contact the Sheriffs office and instead tipped off the teacher of the allegations days before contacting the proper authorities.  This reckless behavior put the student in severe danger of retaliation before a proper investigation could occur. 

The end result was that the teacher 'resigned' and started teaching elsewhere which could put the students of that district in harms way.  

As part of my investigation, I submitted multiple Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to the District.   One of my requests was heavily redacted, specifically a list of Scott VanEpps actions related to his investigation, so I submitted an appeal to to the Board of Education to release the information.  The appeal was DENIED, Glabach, Costa, Shaw, and Coleman all voted to suppress the information from the public, permanently hiding Scott VanEpps actions to interfere with a Police Investigation and protect a potential child predator.  Who is looking out for the best interest of our students? 

When elected, I will not tolerate administrators that put students in danger and I will ensure that student interest come first. 

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